Welcome back & Best of 2018

Photo: David Byrne @ The Sony Center. See full set at Live in Limbo

Hello hello.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve used this space for posting anything, but with a new year upon us I’ve decided to start using this space again. I will still be using it for my music photography, but you’ll start to see some more content.

One such thing I’ve decided to add is a weekly playlist. Friends of mine are often asking me for recommendations and playlists, and I am still receiving lots of contact from new bands and publicists that have largely gone unread/listened to (sorry!). I’d like to change that this year and give those new bands/albums a listen, and help promote them in my playlists. Note: If you’re a publicist/in a band, feel free to get in touch!

The rest will be constantly evolving, and I’ll probably try some stuff that won’t work, but your feedback is definitely encouraged.

So, in speaking of playlists, I’ve decided to start the year with a wrap-up of the 30 songs I enjoyed most in 2018. Enjoy, and be sure to get in touch with any suggestions you have that I might have overlooked last year.


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