#TBT – Hollerado @ Osheaga 2013

Hollerado - Osheaga 2013
Hollerado @ Osheaga 2013. Shot for QRO. Click image to see full set, as well as other bands from that year.

It’s been twelve years since Hollerado played their first shows, which seems a bit short because I feel like they’ve been around forever. I’ve seen them at least 10-15 times, in every possible setting. They’ve played opening and headlining club spots, festival sets, random parties, you name it.

One of the last few times I shot one of their performances was actually over five years ago at Osheaga. I remember catching their set on the Tree stage, and right before the set was about to finish, they allowed a fan to propose to his girlfriend. She said yes, and luckily the band was prepared with tons of silly string and confetti to celebrate (if you click the image above, the final shots in the gallery are of this moment).

The band has always been a lot of fun to see, and to shoot, which is why it’s a bit sad to see that earlier this week they announced that they will be calling it a day. The good news is that they will be releasing a final album on June 7th called Retaliation Vacation, via Royal Mountain Records (the label they started ten years ago).

Along with the record, they will be touring one last time, with what is sure to be a hella fun final show at The Danforth Music Hall on December 13th. It’s a long ways away still, but tickets for that show go on sale this morning at 10:00 HERE. Be sure to snag yours up to see what they have in store.

It’s been a great run, wishing all the best to Menno, Nick, Jake and Dean.

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